Signs that you need to invest in CRM solutions right away

Signs that you need to invest in CRM solutions right away

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Whether it is from the success stories of popular enterprises or just general articles in tech magazines, the benefits of CRM solutions – customer relationship management, are already clear. Executives who have not invested in them yet are curious, drawn without a doubt by the fact that CRM can save money and streamline processes. However, not all of those who think about CRM end up investing in these tools, because they have second thoughts that this solution is for them. Ideally, customer relationship management solutions such as should be implemented from the very beginning to avoid initial bottlenecks, but, if your company has been on the market for quite a while now, these are the signs that indicate the urgent need for CRM:

You don’t have a good overview of your team’s activity

A successful manager should always know what the team is doing. He should be aware of their schedule, of their leads and of their performance. As your business grows and you have even more things to take care of, you might start losing track of employees’ activities, and this is where things might go out of hand. With CRM solutions such as bpm’online, this problem no longer exists, because you always know what each team member is doing and you can see actual figures indicating their performance.


Sales are plummeting

When sales numbers start to drop, executives assume that it’s because of their products and services, but that isn’t always the case. Many times, it’s because the sales department is not organized properly. Maybe the plan is not realistic or maybe the sales reps are using the wrong strategy. In any case, with tools such as bpm’online, Avidian, SalesNexus Online CRM or SAP CRM, you will be able to track, analyze and automate the sales process before it starts to affect your business.


Your departments don’t communicate

In a successful company, each department should not be an island. They should communicate with each other, because many process influence each other. So, if you notice that staff members from different departments fail to communicate effectively, so you should take action right away. When proper communication doesn’t exist, the customer is the first to suffer. As a result, customer interactions will become more and more frustrating, which will eventually lead to financial losses.


Data is hard to locate

If by data you understand tons and tons and paperwork, all piled together in a dusty room, then you are definitely in need of an upgrade. Data is insight and when insight is not readily available, your business might have to suffer. CRM offers a centralized storage system for all your data and customer files, so that they can be accessed at any time by authorized personnel, even on the go. Once data becomes easy to access, customer interactions will be smoother and sped of operations will dramatically increase.


You never have enough time

Management and free time don’t exactly go hand in hand, but if your average work day is nothing short of chaotic, then maybe things can be improved through automation. Process automation eliminates redundant tasks, clearing your schedule and allowing you to focus more on actual management, not repetitive activities.


Customers are starting to complain

It’s impossible to please everyone, but if your message boards are starting to be filled with negative reviews of unpleasant customer experiences, then this should raise some questions. It could mean that customers have to wait for a long time until their call is answered or the way in which it is answered was not satisfactory. CRM can help you deal with customers in more organized way, so you should consider it before more negative reviews are received.