Physical and Mental Benefits of Photography

Physical and Mental Benefits of Photography

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Every day we are in contact not with hundreds, if not thousands of photographs; we see them on the billboards of the cinema, magazines, newspapers or simply in the photos of the family that adorn the walls of our home. Our daily life is invaded by a cluster of images and sensations that are beautiful and of more quality pictures created using photo editing software, just those sensations are what make us more human day to day.

Can you imagine how our lives could change if we knew, for sure, that taking a photograph can help us have a longer and healthier life? The answer lies in the use of our camera and image enhancer as a means to get out of everyday stress, loneliness or depression; symptoms that so afflict our modern society.

According to my research, I have been able to realize and even experience that taking pictures can actually produce enormous physical and mental benefits.

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Physical and Mental Benefits

  • Physical Activity and Exercise: There is always some new photo to take, for that you have to leave the house and make several shots in the open air; It is very difficult to make a good photograph from the comfort of our sofa. Therefore photography will imply movement, which can help us to spend more time with nature. Who would not want to enjoy the therapeutic effects that are experienced when contemplating a sunset on the beach or admiring the expanse of a beautiful landscape? If you have any condition that does not allow you to travel long, you can go to a park, garden or nearby places that offer wonderful views. Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises we acquire in each photographic activity; if to this activity we add some squats to get that unique angle, some uphill climbs,

  • Positive Mental Attitude: It is believed that the images of nature can create positive emotions that help to relax and brighten our mood, the world is full of wonders, and it is our mission and passion to show them with our photographs.

  • Share: While it is true that the photographs we take give us some personal pleasure, sharing our ability to be amazed by others will result in receiving compliments that will make us feel full.

  • Connection: This we get with the world in general, that feeling of depth and different visualization that causes us to make each of our photographs

  • Fun: The use of time in a planned way for the therapeutic refreshment of one’s own body or mind that with each photograph becomes a new adventure, dare to seek the treasure of visual splendor; you never know what the visual prize has prepared for us around the corner.

  • Stimulating: Each new photo session presents a different challenge. We must always be evaluating the light of the environment and the environment, regulating the adjustments of our camera and, as a consequence, our minds remain fresh and alert, because it is at that moment where we are in a state of constant learning.

  • Socialize: By taking our photos and sharing them we are constantly surrounded by opportunities for human interaction; humanity was never built through isolation but through coexistence and personal relationships. This is also a good way to create or strengthen effective relationships with other people.


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