Overview of The Different Types of Online Slot

Overview of The Different Types of Online Slot

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The popularity of online slots has grown tremendously over the past few years due to their computer programme base which provides the possibility of presenting them in various styles to attract players. Out of the numerous, there are certain slots that are heavily played and can be considered as the best online pokies. The following are some of the most popular:

  • 3 Reel Classic Slots: Also called fruit machines, these are based on the original physical slot machine design. Very simple to play and based on top, middle or bottom line symbol matching.

  • 5 Reel Slots: A development on the 3-reel classic variety, with more attractive visual effects, possible through advanced computer programming. More chance of winning with added reels.

  • Progressive Slots: These slots provide a growing jackpot amount every time the jackpot is not won in the game.

  • Mobile Slots: Specially designed for smartphones, allows the playing on the move. Visuals are equally exciting, though played on smaller screen.

  • Mega Spin Slots: These slots allow multiple games played simultaneously, all on the same screen. Some may also provide a progressive jackpot.

  • Multipliers: Not very common, some slots have features to multiply the winning amount. Usually there are double and triple multipliers.

  • Multi Pay line Slots: When the classic slot design has only one pay line, these slots multiply the winning chances of the player by providing pay lines. There can be zig zag, straight or diagonal pay lines and range from three, four, and five up to twenty-five pay lines depending on the game played.

While looking for online casino user reviews news to check on casino reliability, the best person to seek help from is from the customers. Usually these review boards are filled with complaints, the simple reason being the customers are more likely to post if they have faced a problem. In such cases, the casino response needs to be considered to judge their customer service quality.

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