On video conferencing image interference solution

On video conferencing image interference solution

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Now the video conferencing industry is developing rapidly, most of the enterprise applications more and more widely. So there are a lot of problems, we all know that video images will interfere with the impact of visual, conference embarrassment, resulting in heart pressure. Then we have to analyze and analyze the phenomenon of video image interference it

Now there are many kinds of electrical equipment, and some electrical equipment is not perfect, resulting in monitoring system at the increasingly complex electromagnetic environment, video interference increased significantly. Some manufacturers of different prices, many engineering monitoring system cut corners. Some buildings do not take measures to prevent image interference and poor quality of equipment used.

With the development of video anti-jamming. The general video signal transmission through the cable a variety of video interference are basically can be resolved. There are many kinds of video disturbances. Here again to introduce the reasons for anti-jamming video:

Why does the video image cause interference?

Video cable transmission is 0 ~ 6MHz. The image on the monitor is the end of the camera to capture the final transmission by the transmission cable recorder, through the matrix monitor to achieve, resulting in video image interference in several areas, the electromagnetic radiation interference, the surrounding high-voltage power supply to produce electromagnetic radiation over the range.

Frequency conversion motor at the time of operation will produce a strong low-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity of the video transmission near the video signal will be very susceptible to interference, resulting in video transmission cable radiation capacity, it will become lost ability to resist radiation The So that these low-frequency radiation will penetrate the strong cable from the video cable near the cable, which interfere with the video signal.

Electromagnetic radiation is now becoming more and more dangerous. Most of the interference in the frequency band within 40MHz. In the transmission will appear in the phenomenon of interference.

Transmission distance will also reduce the high frequency sub-signal attenuation is different, when the transmission network connector link cable is not standard will easily lead to network impedance mismatch. Reflect the signal and the normal video signal superimposed, so that the image appears ghosting. Video image interference phenomenon Different interference sources will produce different interference phenomena.

Video anti-jamming solution

The main solution is to take precautions in advance and to take remedial action. It is possible to anticipate that the system video image may be disturbed and can take a variety of precautions. Anti-jamming is one of the important measures to improve the image quality, but also can take into account the compensation transmission cable and equipment to introduce the attenuation and distortion, restore the original characteristics of the video signal to ensure image quality.

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