Innovative IT Infrastructure Solution for Businesses

Innovative IT Infrastructure Solution for Businesses

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If you’re a business with years of operations, chances are you have lots of documents that are in storage, but cannot be thrown away because of legal issues, and administrative purposes. Important files and documents are normally required to be kept for at least 20 years before even thinking about getting rid of them.

With the age of the internet, businesses are getting rid of traditional style storage of documents and are going paperless, however, several years of old files can take up tremendous space on servers. Mlteck provides a unique solution that will no longer require worrying about storage space. There are also times when the processes running on the computer slow the entire system down or load very slowly.

As a business, you might have loads of applications that need to load as you boot your device. Being able to prioritise the processes in your computers increases efficiency and have a real What about having a route controller that monitors and troubleshoots your system to prevent problems from occurring.

Mltech with its ArchiverFS, Process controller, and IP Spider provide unique solutions to the underlying problems that many businesses have adapted and obtain very satisfying results and a real improvement in the business efficiency and the bottom line .

ArchiverFS innovative file storage system

A revolutionary method of file storage unlike many others, ArchiverFS does not store files in a database. Instead, it provides a solution to file storage issues by making it fast, efficient and scalable.

The solution is a share that is created through New Technology File System (NTFS) permission on your system and incorporates incredible features, including shortcuts for easily retrieving the files and even migrate files to the cloud.

As the system uses NTSF, there is no need for proprietary storage mechanisms. Old files are sent to second tier storage systems such as Network- Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), to the cloud, or any Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. ArchiverFS is a very affordable, inexpensive, and efficient method of solving file storage problems for Windows file servers. With Archiver FS it allows you to:

  • Migrate old files: It takes into consideration the age, file type and size and target VM, NAS, SIFS share, Cloud Amazon, Google cloud and other such devices.
  • NTSF filing system: From start to finish NTSF files and folders are used such as it allows tremendous scalability and increases efficiency.
  • Direct access: As a user, you still maintain direct access to the files. A link left behind provide users direct access to files.
  • 3 tier storage: hierarchical storage system

ArchiverSF allows businesses to avoid losing files in case of a disaster and cuts the necessary time to restore files when a disaster occurs. It also frees up space on your first tier storage and reduces the cost paid for frequent backups and services to maintain expensive old style storage systems

A process controller for increased efficiency

Window system comes with a variety of process prioritisation engines that occasionally can take time to load, sometimes are not useful. For example, many applications start automatically upon boot. With process control, it’s possible to specify to the CPU the RAM and the IO priority applications that need to be loaded upon starting the computer.

Regardless of the type of server that you have, SQL database, Exchange, a Citrix or other types of server. The solution to process control is that the CPU, the RAM and the IO are permanently assigned priorities

Process control provides experienced administrators with a method of fine tuning resources and is quite valuable when there is a need for server condensation. You’ll be able to control multiple applications and executions allowing the efficient utilisation of memory. The use of process control is quite simple:

  • The process control is loaded into the registry and makes internal structures which includes lookup table and process, and job object lookup.
  • A list of active processes and objects is obtained. Along with each process are the status and performance.
  • As an administrator, you can look at the various processes and determine the level of priority which must be assigned to the process. Priorities are set depending on the usefulness of the application. Process control lets you know the processes that need to be running for the proper operation of the computer and those that can be switched on manually.

Setting priorities to various processes undertaken in the background by a computer allows to free up space in the CPU, RAM, and IO. It increases the efficiency of the machine and reduces downtime in the business due to computer load problems.

For example, allowing certain applications to launch when the computer is turned and remain operational when actually not in use is simply a waste of RAM memory. With process control, such application can be prevented from starting and only activated manually when needed. A good example of such an application could be Skype. Obviously, Skype is necessary for many businesses, but if the purpose of the business does not require such an application, setting to manual increases RAM memory and the speed of the computer.

IP Spider a unique solution for network route monitoring

With IP Spider you have a system of mass monitoring, but unlike other software that focuses on endpoints, IP Spider monitors network routes between them. It simultaneously monitors hundreds of IP addresses watching them all the way to remote IP addresses and notifies any loss of connectivity and diagnose the problem

You can obtain more information about these latest IT infrastructure tech innovations that are becoming essential for every business from Mltek. Innovative IT infrastructure solutions that will have a real impact on the bottom line of your business by cutting down costs, increasing efficiency, and optimizing various processes.

IT infrastructure solutions such as those provided with ArchiverFS, Process control and IP Spider have been long sought by businesses. They come complete with licences and 24/7 customer solution. They are being used by many businesses throughout the world.