Best Flash Mac Download Apps For FLV/F4V/SWF Files

Best Flash Mac Download Apps For FLV/F4V/SWF Files

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Most popular video formats online is hosted by Flash videos. The qualities of the video files do not get lost substantially when hosted as Flash videos on FLV or F4V formats. They can be also played on low bandwidth and is compatible with most kind of computers new or old.

Browsers also mostly come with pre-installed Adobe Flash Player. So, FLV and F4V play automatically with any type of computer. Therefore, many of the video-hosting websites prefer Flash formats.

If you are in need of Flash Player for your Mac, you can read the list given below:

Elmedia Player: For Mac operating system Elmedia Player is a very versatile media player. It comes as a free version or as a PRO version. In free version you can play mostly any videos. In the PRO version you can download streaming videos. It can also download Short Wave Files or SWF files with ease. Even it can convert Projector.exe files in to SWF files. Elmedia Player PRO can convert the Projector EXE files to SWF in just a few clicks with the possibility to rename the original files.

Download Flash on Browser: If you are a Safari user, you have to open any video hosting website and then it will guide you to the website where you can download Flash from. While you play the video find out if any Download button is shown on the top left corner. You can save the video by clicking it.

If you are using Firefox you have to install Video Download Helper extension. This is automatically detects videos which are downloadable, you just have to choose the desired output format to start downloading. This app will save flash video on mac.

In Chrome you can make an add-on on FVD video downloader while downloading Flash videos.

Flash Video Downloader: This is a very simple tool, but it is very powerful too. You can save any videos from most of streaming website. The video needs to be streaming while downloading. This app allows a batch of five videos to be downloaded at same time.